TRENDY NOW: Denim Handbags

TRENDY NOW: Denim Handbags

Since the 2016 season we have been ahead of the trend: Denim bags are the new “It” way to look fashionable!!

These new handbags aren't like the frayed or patchwork versions that came before and that's great, because the look is shaping up to be a warm-weather staple.

Denim handbags and clutches may sound too casual and sloppy, but this season's designs look surprisingly sophisticated. Embellished denim bags can be true works of art, as you'll notice on Valentino's and Stella McCartney's versions. However, even more simple implementations look surprisingly clean and tailored.

There is an abundance of designs from clutches to totes, detailed just like the classic leather pieces with embroidery and graphics along with the incorporation of mixed media. It is definitely one of the trendiest ways to incorporate denim into your looks.

Check out some of our best denim handbags from this season below, and tell us what you think of this rising trend!