GET THE LOOK: Emoji Handbags

GET THE LOOK: Emoji Handbags

Emoji’s have changed the way we communicate whether through text or social media. With over 6 billions emojis and stickers sent a day, it's safe to say that people love visually driven communication. Nearly half of all Instagram posts include an emoji. Now, you can literally wear your emoji with this new fashion accessory.

When it comes to one of the most popular forms of decoration, people are making it personal. Whether with patches on bags, embroidery on clutches or customized art on backpacks, this new way of fashion is moving beyond the dusty monogram and into a smattering of standout symbols that make the wearer look like a walking, talking emoji.

We live in such a social media age, and people are constantly looking for something interesting so they have something to talk about. More and more brands are trying to do social-media-friendly pieces.

These so-called smiley are the best way to cheer up the mood and show your affection towards your friend. Why not do it in real life too by wearing these casual style bags design for adults and kids?. It will sum up pretty much everything you go through in life and not to mention, how cool you’ll look while walking around with Emoji accesories.

Take a look to our Emoji handbags collection and try to choose just only one!!!